How to download Facebook videos without programs or with Online tools?

Because taking into account that downloading videos from Facebook natively is impossible, this time I want to show you a simple way to achieve it. Without further ado, let’s now see how to do it step by step!

How to download Facebook videos without programs or with Online tools?

How to download Facebook videos without programs or with Online tools?

Being able to download Facebook videos without using programs (or with the help of some Online tools), is something that today is within the reach of almost any user who has or does not have an account on this social network.

If you are one of those who is always on time or simply want to have audiovisual content saved on your device (mobile, PC or Mac), to watch it later or offline, today you are in luck.

How to download a Facebook video on my PC or Mac without programs?

Next, I am going to show you the steps to follow to be able to download all the audiovisual content you want manually, because even if you don’t believe it yet, Facebook allows you to do it and it is also very easy and fast!

If, as I mentioned before, you are more passionate about doing it automatically, you can also go to the next section, where I tell you the same process with the help of free tools.

1. Enter your account and locate it

The first step is, logically, to enter your personal profile, that of the contact in question or the corporate page that has uploaded the content that we want to download on their wall.

In this case, I have found a very interesting one from one of my talks at OMexpo 2017 , which my team broadcast live on this social network:

In your case, remember that you can also search for an account or page, typing its name in the search engine that you have at the top of the social network.

Also, once inside that account, if you want to locate all the ones that have been uploaded, on the left side you will see a menu, where one of its options is “Videos”.

2. Access and modify its URL

Once you have identified the one you want to download, click on it or on the date it was uploaded.

You can find this just below the name and surname of the user who has shared it.

When you click on it, it will play automatically, but if you want the sound not to bother you or distract you while you download your Facebook video, you can stop it, as this will not interfere with the process that I am explaining to you.

Next, you will have the exact URL of the browser on the address bar of your browser, which you must edit, eliminating the initial part of the URL « https://www. » and replace it with « m. »

This variation will allow you to see this platform in its mobile version from your computer or Mac.

3. Open it in a new window

The next step will also be very simple. Once we have it in its “mobile” version, all you have to do is click with the right button of your mouse on the broadcast itself and select the option “ Open link in a new tab ”.

In this way, you will be able to have only and exclusively this audiovisual element in a window, without viewing it within the social network.

4. Save it to your device

And finally, you simply have to download the Facebook video by right-clicking on it and choosing the “ Save video as… ” option.

Thus, a window will automatically open on your computer, where you can choose to save it in the folder of your choice, in MP4 format.

In this case, the social platform only allows you to do it in this format.

The truth is that, although the extension “.MP4” is very common and today universally accepted by all computers and mobile devices, you may prefer to have it in “.avi” or another.

4 Tools to download a video from Facebook automatically and 100% Online

The alternative method that I propose to you in this article is, as I promised you previously, through applications and programs external to the social network itself.

The truth is that whichever way you prefer to do it, both are simple and fast.

These are my favourites!

» Download Videos From

It is a very simple page to use and it also allows you to choose the format in which you want to download your Facebook video.

You can choose between:

  • MP4 SD (normal definition)
  • MP3 (sound only)
  • MP4 HD (high definition)

With Download Videos From ( enter here ), just indicate the exact URL of the element to download and click on one of the previous options, presented with green buttons.

» DownloadPlus

Here the procedure is identical to the previous tool:

  • Go to their official page.
  • Within the space provided for it, paste or write the complete URL of the audiovisual element that you intend to download.
  • Save it to a folder on your device.

» SaveAs

With , although you won’t be able to get them in HD, maybe a medium quality (SD) can be worth it to see them later on your mobile or from your PC or Mac.

The procedure here, once again, is the same: to download a video from Facebook, you must copy the link from the social network and paste it into the space provided on for it.

After clicking “Download!” , a window on your device will open, asking you where to save it.

» SaveFrom, in addition to having the possibility of downloading a video from Facebook just by pasting the URL on its website, gives you the opportunity to do it even more quickly through a program for Chrome.

And it is that, if you browse this network and you find a tutorial or guide that you like and want to download, you will no longer even have to enter its official page to get hold of it.

What are the advantages of being able to download a Facebook video?

If you have been attentive to what I have told you so far in this tutorial, you will have been able to intuit what are the benefits that this technological trick will bring you.

Still, I’ll summarize them below:

» You will not miss anything, even if you have little time

With the type of life that many of us have today (work, personal tasks, travel, etc.), there are times when several days go by and, at least for me, I don’t have a single minute to check my timeline.

I am aware that this makes me lose high-quality content shared by other professionals , many of them in audiovisual format.

Therefore, if you spend a while scrolling through what they have published and you see one that interests you but, due to its length, you cannot see it calmly at that moment, you can download it in 1 minute and see it later.

» Consume content even offline

If due to any technical problem, you are left without an Internet connection in your office or home, the time that this event takes place will not be wasted time.

Downloading the videos from Facebook, prior to this event, will allow you to continue learning from others or, why not, enjoy a while of laughter, in case this is in the mood.


As you have been able to verify, downloading a video from Facebook is not only possible today, but you can do it on any of your devices: either from your PC/Computer, Mac or mobile.

I can only recommend that, both on this and on other social networks, you should always ” respect the copyright of the content  when you decide to share something that does not originally belong to you.

This series of techniques are designed to be carried out from your own account, since it may happen that, once uploaded to the social network, you delete them from your local device by mistake and want to recover them.

For this reason, I recommend you ask permission to upload those files that you have downloaded from other people’s accounts, it will be a sign of respect and cordiality!